This is what I'm missing right now in oVirt 3.1: 

Better GlusterFS support. 
1. Add a checkbox when creating a volume: "Set oVirt permissions" so that the 
vdsm : kvm permissions are set. I don't want it to be per-default because I'd 
like to use Volumes tabs as a Volumes manager for Glusterfs volumes and not 
only Glusterfs volumes aimed at virtual machines. 

From: : 
( For now, the Gluster volume manager neglects to set brick directory 
permissions correctly, so after adding bricks on a machine, you have to return 
to the terminal and run chown -R 36.36 /data (assuming /data is where you are 
storing your volume bricks) to enable oVirt to write to the volumes. ) 

2. Add a quota tab in Volumes. So that you can enable/disable/edit its quota:

All In One (AIO) bigger timeout 

( I’ve found that the all-in-one installer sometimes times out during the 
install process. If the script times out during the final “AIO: Adding Local 
host (This may take several minutes)” step, you can proceed to the web admin 
console to complete the process. If it times out at an earlier point, like 
waiting for the jboss-as server to start, you should run “engine-cleanup” and 
then re-run “engine-setup”) 
and my quote: 

(Before running engine-setup you have to edit: 
file and edit the waitForHostUp function so that the timeout is smaller. Like 
def waitForHostUp(): 
utils.retry(isHostUp, tries=40, timeout=300, sleep=5)) 

Installation on disable SElinux 
If SElinux is disabled then oVirt installation does not work. So I think that 
either is advised to use it or... it's fixed so that it works even without 

All-in-one script should take care of last steps 
Not sure about this last point but I think that AIO should be able to perform 
the iso domain attachment to the datacenter in itself. 
Check 5th step on: 

There might be more glitches but these are the most important ones for me that 
I remember of. 

Guide me help texts 
One more. The Guide me dialogs are very handy. But I think they miss a little 
help on them to explain such stupid things as what's the purpose of adding an 
storage domain a datacenter. 

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> Hi Everyone,

> as we wrap oVirt 3.2, I wanted to check with oVirt users on what they
> find good/useful in oVirt, and what they would like to see
> improved/added in coming versions?

> Thanks,
> Itamar


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