On 01/03/2013 10:14 PM, Adrian Gibanel wrote:
This is what I'm missing right now in oVirt 3.1:

Better GlusterFS support.
1. Add a checkbox when creating a volume: "Set oVirt permissions" so
that the vdsm : kvm permissions are set. I don't want it to be
per-default because I'd like to use Volumes tabs as a Volumes manager
for Glusterfs volumes and not only Glusterfs volumes aimed at virtual

From: http://blog.jebpages.com/archives/ovirt-3-1-glusterized/ :
( For now, the Gluster volume manager neglects to set brick directory
permissions correctly, so after adding bricks on a machine, you have to
return to the terminal and run chown -R 36.36 /data (assuming /data is
where you are storing your volume bricks) to enable oVirt to write to
the volumes. )

This feature is available in 3.2. Enabling a checkbox to optimize gluster volume for oVirt will set vdsm:kvm permissions on bricks that are part of the volume.

2. Add a quota tab in Volumes. So that you can enable/disable/edit its

Noted. We will address this in a subsequent release.


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