On 4-1-2013 7:03, Kanagaraj wrote:
On Friday 04 January 2013 02:12 AM, Joop wrote:
Just saw the question what route to follow for post 3.2 and picked up something that I didn't know about was going to ask if it was possible to implement, namely setting permissions on the volume folder when creating a gluster volume. But when trying it out I found a little snag. I installed two hosts with a minimal fed17 install, added a couple of repos to enable installing the latest nightlies (it needed a later then 0.9 libvirt (0.10 from danken) and qemu-kvm and since a couple of days a later gluster which outputs in xml (gluster-3.4..)
- start with a clean engine-setup
- in the webui, set the cluster to 3.2 and virt+gluster, set the DC to 3.2/NFS
- add the two hosts, went OK.
- add a Volume, gluster-data, gets created OK, BUT the Create Volume 'popup window' never stops spinning its busy cursor :-( Looking at the logs I see that the volume is created, st01 is used, st02 gets the message, creation is returning Succes but it looks like the global lock is never released.
We have an issue with locking while creating a volume, fix for this is currently under review.
I still might have the vdsm logs or else I can replay it to generate them, but if it really is this issue then it they might not be needed.
Is the workaround I used a viable one? (restarting ovirt-engine)


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