Thaks a lot for your suggestion.

in fact I found the <type>parameter which specifies server/desktop,
checking the output of VMs' parameters by REST (/api/vms).
Is it this very "type" paramter to change?

Hideo GOTO

I would be happy if you could recomend me any  tool, if existing,
which might make it easy to update parameters by REST.

2013/1/4 Itamar Heim <>:
> On 01/03/2013 05:32 PM, Hideo Goto wrote:
>> First of all, a Happy new year to every subscriber of the list.
>> My first concern of the year about ovirt:
>> Is it possible to change the type of an existing VM from desktop to
>> server by any possible means?
>> In my case, the VM was imported from KVM to Ovirt 3.0 environment
>> using virt-v2v. I have just found out that the VM was recognized as
>> desktop while expected as server .
>> Thanks in advance for any advise.
> I'm pretty sure the REST API/SDK/CLI would allow this as updating this field
> of the VM.
> michael?
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