hi everybody

i have trouble with pci passthrough of a parallel port adapter. I need this for 
a key dongle.
The Server is a single machine and i want to use them with the all-in-one 
plugin from ovirt.

I do some tests with:
Fedora 17, CentOS6.3, Oracle Linux 6.3
latest kernel, qemu-kvm and libvirt from repos. No extras or advanced 
configurations. Only a simple standard Server. 

I install  "yum groupinstall virtualization" + virt-manager and some other.
I configure iommu, modul blacklist and some other.

Then i starting a Windows Server 2003 and assign the parallel adapter to the 
running server. I look in the device manager and found the adapter card. 
The dongle work finde and the Datev Lizenz Service are online. 

.. so far so good 
but when i install on the same Server ovirt. With same kernel qemu-kvm and 
And i attach the adapter card to the windows server 2003 look in the device 
manager and found the card with a error "device cannot be start (code 10)"

I am now looking for several days after the error and have diverse tried but I 
can not keep going.

can someone help me?

Thanks & greetings

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