I'm very slowly working to make ovirt-engine running on a BSD system.
My problem is that I do it for fun and as my time resources are not big
I could not choose building ovirt-engine from sources as it would push
me to "port" (make packages) for all java dependencies. Yes, during
build maven cannot download Internet and build dependencies (for
security reasons).

Would be possible to have (another) distribution archive of
ovirt-engine which would be OS/distro-independent, so I could just
extract and copy it to filesystem for local jboss? (RPM packages can be
extracted with 'rpm2cpio' but their owners decided to make life very
complicated [many symlinks etc.]).

OS/distro-independent distribution archive (.zip, .tgz) would make life
much easiers for people wanting to have ovirt-engine running on a
non-RPM based Linux distro or on a BSD/Solaris system.

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