Its just a theoretical question as I think the issue will come for us
and other users.

I think there can be one or more snapshots in the WM over the time. But
if that is an issue we can always collapse them I think.
If its a base image it should be RAW, right?
In this case its on file storage (NFS).

Regards //Ricky

On 2013-01-08 10:07, Yeela Kaplan wrote:
> Hi Ricky,
> In order to give you a detailed answer I need additional details regarding 
> the disk:
> - Is the disk image composed as a chain of volumes or just a base volume? 
> (if it's a chain it will be more complicated, you might want to collapse the 
> chain first to make it easier).
> - Is the disk image raw? (you can use qemu-img info to check)
> - Is the disk image on block or file storage?
> Regards, 
> Yeela
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>> Subject: [Users] Best practice to resize a WM disk image
>> Hi,
>> If I have a VM that has run out of disk space, how can I increase the
>> space in best way? One way is to add a second bigger disk to the WM
>> and then use dd or similar to copy. But is it possible to stretch the
>> original disk inside or outside oVirt and get oVirt to know the
>> bigger
>> size?
>> Regards //Ricky
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