I've spent hours to make my Brocade FC card working on Fedora17 or Ovirt
Node build.
In fact the card are randomly seen by the system, which is really painfull.
So I've downloaded, compile and installed the latest driver from Brocade,
and now when I load the module the card is seen.
So I've installed :

And the module info are :
# modinfo bfa
filename:       /lib/modules/3.3.4-5.fc17.x86_64/kernel/drivers/scsi/bfa.ko
author:         Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
description:    Brocade Fibre Channel HBA Driver fcpim ipfc
license:        GPL
srcversion:     5C0FBDF3571ABCA9632B9CA
alias:          pci:v00001657d00000022sv*sd*bc0Csc04i00*
alias:          pci:v00001657d00000021sv*sd*bc0Csc04i00*
alias:          pci:v00001657d00000014sv*sd*bc0Csc04i00*
alias:          pci:v00001657d00000017sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00001657d00000013sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
depends:        scsi_transport_fc
vermagic:       3.3.4-5.fc17.x86_64 SMP mod_unload
parm:           os_name:OS name of the hba host machine (charp)
parm:           os_patch:OS patch level of the hba host machine (charp)
parm:           host_name:Hostname of the hba host machine (charp)
parm:           num_rports:Max number of rports supported per port
(physical/logical), default=1024 (int)
parm:           num_ioims:Max number of ioim requests, default=2000 (int)
parm:           num_tios:Max number of fwtio requests, default=0 (int)
parm:           num_tms:Max number of task im requests, default=128 (int)
parm:           num_fcxps:Max number of fcxp requests, default=64 (int)
parm:           num_ufbufs:Max number of unsolicited frame buffers,
default=64 (int)
parm:           reqq_size:Max number of request queue elements, default=256
parm:           rspq_size:Max number of response queue elements, default=64
parm:           num_sgpgs:Number of scatter/gather pages, default=2048 (int)
parm:           rport_del_timeout:Rport delete timeout, default=90 secs,
Range[>0] (int)
parm:           bfa_lun_queue_depth:Lun queue depth, default=32, Range[>0]
parm:           bfa_io_max_sge:Max io scatter/gather elements , default=255
parm:           log_level:Driver log level, default=3,
Range[Critical:1|Error:2|Warning:3|Info:4] (int)
parm:           ioc_auto_recover:IOC auto recovery, default=1,
Range[off:0|on:1] (int)
parm:           linkup_delay:Link up delay, default=30 secs for boot port.
Otherwise 10 secs in RHEL4 & 0 for [RHEL5, SLES10, ESX40] Range[>0] (int)
parm:           msix_disable_cb:Disable Message Signaled Interrupts for
Brocade-415/425/815/825 cards, default=0, Range[false:0|true:1] (int)
parm:           msix_disable_ct:Disable Message Signaled Interrupts if
possible for Brocade-1010/1020/804/1007/1741 cards, default=0,
Range[false:0|true:1] (int)
parm:           fdmi_enable:Enables fdmi registration, default=1,
Range[false:0|true:1] (int)
parm:           pcie_max_read_reqsz:PCIe max read request size, default=0
(use system setting), Range[128|256|512|1024|2048|4096] (int)
parm:           max_xfer_size:default=32MB,
Range[64k|128k|256k|512k|1024k|2048k] (int)
parm:           max_rport_logins:Max number of logins to initiator and
target rports on a port (physical/logical), default=1024 (int)

I guess that I could be a possible to update the driver inside the Ovirt
Node build ?


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