you can set the limit of low disk space using rhevm-config

FreeSpaceCriticalLowInGB: "Critical low disk space alert threshold (in
GB)" (Value Type: Integer)
FreeSpaceLow: "Limit of % free disk-space below which it is considered
low" (Value Type: Integer)*
run rhevm-config --help for more info on how to use the command.

and note that you need to restart ovirt-engine service after change.

On 01/27/2013 11:39 AM, Ricky Schneberger wrote:
> Hi,
> I have put up a test environment with oVirt 3.1 and found out (because
> of limited storage) that when trying to run a vm i got "Error while
> executing action: Cannot run VM. Low disk space on relevant Storage Domain."
> Disk space on the storage domain is 322GB free (9% of total).
> Can I change these limits? How are they calculated? By percentage?
> I dont use quotas anywhere.
> Regards
> //Ricky
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