I've a strange network issue with Solaris 10 x86 guests on oVirt 3.2
(beta) with an CentOS 6.3 hypervisor (using dreyou's repository for VDSM

My host configuration is the following:
Operating system: Other
Network interface type: rtl8139
Network Name: ovirtmgmt
Disk interface: IDE

Disk is working fine and the network interface is detected by Solaris 10
guest, as I can see a rtls0 interface with "ifconfig -a" and Solaris
installer also detects this interface.

But when I try to send packages over this interface they never reach a
target - e.g. ping the gateway and "arp -an" doesn't show it's MAC
address. On the hypervisor I can see vnet(x) interface is on ovirtmgmt
bridge. Network traffic is working fine for all other VMs (RHEL 6 and
Fedora 18) on ovirtmgmt bridge.

Btw, when creating a Solaris 10 guest on RHEV 3.1 with RHEL 6.3
hypervisor the exactly same issue occurs - network interface is detected
but no traffic passes this interface.

On a plain KVM-Host (RHEL 6.3) I can create a Solaris 10 host with
virt-manager using rtl8139 Virtual Network Interface Device model on a
bridge (network setup is nearly the same as for oVirt and RHEV). On this
RHEL 6.3 KVM-host network is working fine for Solaris guests.

In the process list (ps -ef) the settings for oVirt and RHEL-KVM seem
the be nearly the same (different fd's and option bootindex=3 is missing
on KVM):

oVirt 3.2:
-netdev tap,fd=25,id=hostnet0 -device

RHEL 6.3 KVM: 
-netdev tap,fd=36,id=hostnet0 -device

KVM-Version is exactly the same on CentOS-oVirt-Hypervisor as on RHEL
# rpm -qa | grep kvm

Do you have any clue why Solaris networking isn't working on oVirt but
on RHEL-KVM it is?

I didn't try Fedora 18 or oVirt Node as a hypervisor yet - don't think
that there will be a difference.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Best Regards,
René Koch

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