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> From: "Jeff Bailey" <bai...@cs.kent.edu>
> To: users@ovirt.org
> Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2013 5:17:49 AM
> Subject: [Users] F18 iSCSI/FC and latest systemd/udev
> While not an actual problem with oVirt, the latest systemd/udev
> packages for F18 (197-1) break permissions on LVM volumes and stop
> vdsm/qemu/etc from accessing them.  I just downgraded them and everything
> seems OK but I thought I'd let people know (easier to just avoid rather
> than repair :) ).  There's a bugzilla for it from a week or two ago but
> since 3.2 came out I figured a lot more people might be installing it on
> new F18 installations with all the updates and running into problems.

Please test and give karma to:


which is requiring the correct systemd package.
If we reach 3 points of karma the package will be released.

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