On 02/16/2013 10:02 PM, Itamar Heim wrote:
> On 16/02/2013 22:46, Adrian Gibanel wrote:
>> Yes, I know. I meant a workaround where the processor is detected as
>> SandyBridge.
> Adrian - please provide libvirt version.
> Martin - can you please take a look?

I'm not sure what kind of help I can give here, but let me see.

> Adrian - can you later please wikify this recurring question?

If this is related to libvirt detecting the wrong CPU, we have a short
wiki page [1] for that either, you can link to that in yours (or maybe
it'll help you write it).

>> On 16/02/2013 18:56, Adrian Gibanel wrote:
>>> I happen to have the same problem in oVirt 3.1 on Fedora.
>>> Any workaround?
>>> $ sudo vdsClient -s 0 getVdsCaps | grep -i flags ; echo -e -n "\n" ;cat 
>>> /proc/cpuinfo | grep "model name" | head -n 1
>>> cpuFlags = 
>>> fpu,vme,de,pse,tsc,msr,pae,mce,cx8,apic,sep,mtrr,pge,mca,cmov,pat,pse36,clflush,dts,acpi,mmx,fxsr,sse,sse2,ss,ht,tm,pbe,syscall,nx,rdtscp,lm,constant_tsc,arch_perfmon,pebs,bts,rep_good,nopl,xtopology,nonstop_tsc,aperfmperf,eagerfpu,pni,pclmulqdq,dtes64,monitor,ds_cpl,vmx,est,tm2,ssse3,cx16,xtpr,pdcm,pcid,sse4_1,sse4_2,popcnt,tsc_deadline_timer,xsave,avx,lahf_lm,arat,epb,xsaveopt,pln,pts,dtherm,tpr_shadow,vnmi,flexpriority,ept,vpid,model_coreduo,model_Conroe

At first, let me say that this is very weird CPU detection as according
to these flags, the processor described in here should be "Nehalem".
Could you try running 'virsh -r capabilities' on the host to check what
libvirt reports?

There might be a possible workaround if you want your CPU to be
identified as different model, most probably by editing
'/usr/share/libvirt/cpu_map.xml', but that should be omitted since it
may lead to problems.

>>> model name : Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2130 CPU @ 3.40GHz

And as I see the CPU is SandyBridge, so this should be solved properly
(probably a bug somewhere or very low-level misconfiguration).  Check
[1], maybe some features can get enabled.


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