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On 03/22/2013 10:56 AM, Gianluca Cecchi wrote:
> Hello,
> this is my situation. Downtime of the VMs is not a problems as it is a
> test environment
> all based on 3.2.1 on f18 and ovirt stable repo
> DC1
> FC type with cluster1
> 2 hosts connected to 7 FC LUNs
> power mgmt configured
> live migration ok
> overall 11 VMs
> DC2
> FC type with cluster2
> 1 host
> (it has access to all the LUNs of DC1from a SAN point of view, but not
> configured at the moment)
> DC1 has ovirtmgmt without vlan tagging
> DC2 has ovirtmgmt with vlan tagging
> I would like to move all storage domains and VMs into DC2 and then
> redeploy the DC1 hosts in DC2 so that I have a three nodes cluster
> with a vlan tagged ovirtmgmt in DC2 and I delete DC1
> How can I move storage domains from DC1 to DC2 without exporting/importing 
> VMS?
For now there is no support I'm aware of except import/export.
> Can I "simply" detach" them one-by-one from DC1 and attach to DC2?
> Will the VMs automatically be part of DC2 and its cluster cluster2
> (apart from eventually reconfigure their network)?
I think that there is a plan to support live storage migration with live
guest migration, but I'm not sure if it will be cross DC.
You are welcome to open an RFE on that issue.
> Thanks,
> Gianluca
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