Hi Nicolas,
Please send the full vdsm log. 
Also, what is the name of the previous mount and mount point.
and what is the name of the new mount and mount point.
also, what are the exact steps you used to switch the 2 exports domains? Have 
you done anything through the engine?

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> From: "Nicolas Ecarnot" <nico...@ecarnot.net>
> To: "users" <users@ovirt.org>
> Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 1:18:40 PM
> Subject: [Users] Export domain was working... then... NFS, rpc.statd issues
> Hi,
> [oVirt 3.1, F17]
> My good old NFS export domain was OK, but getting too small for our needs.
> Then I unmounted it, created another bigger one somewhere else, and
> tried to mount the new one.
> Long things short, the NFS is not mounted and the relevant error is here:
> Thread-1422222::DEBUG::2013-04-16
> 10:08:25,973::__init__::1249::Storage.Misc.excCmd::(_log) '/usr/bin/sudo
> -n /usr/bin/mount -t nfs -o soft,nosharecache,timeo=600,retrans=6
> serv-vm-adm7.xxx:/data/vmex
> /rhev/data-center/mnt/serv-vm-adm7.xxx:_data_vmex' (cwd None)
> Thread-1422222::ERROR::2013-04-16
> 10:08:26,047::hsm::1932::Storage.HSM::(connectStorageServer) Could not
> connect to storageServer
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>    File "/usr/share/vdsm/storage/hsm.py", line 1929, in connectStorageServer
>    File "/usr/share/vdsm/storage/storageServer.py", line 256, in connect
>    File "/usr/share/vdsm/storage/storageServer.py", line 179, in connect
>    File "/usr/share/vdsm/storage/mount.py", line 190, in mount
>    File "/usr/share/vdsm/storage/mount.py", line 206, in _runcmd
> MountError: (32, ";mount.nfs: rpc.statd is not running but is required
> for remote locking.\nmount.nfs: Either use '-o nolock' to keep locks
> local, or start statd.\nmount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was
> specified\n")
> I confirm trying to manually mount the same from the node, and using the
> nolock option does work.
> While googling, I checked the /etc/services : no problem.
> I don't know what to change, what I did wrong, what to improve?
> --
> Nicolas Ecarnot
> [Very rare msg from me using HTML and colors... I'm ready to wear a tie ;)]
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