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Andrej Bagon <andrej.ba...@arnes.si> wrote:

Hi all,

we are wondering how can we limit a user to use IPs we give him and not
Best is understood from an example:
- we give a user a quota (with x CPU, y memory and z disk space)
- a user can create one VirtualMachine with all the resources, or more
VirtualMachines with smaller resources.
- we want to give a user a pool of IPs. He should not use other IPs. If
he uses other IP it should not be routable.

Is there a solution for this problem?

Normal solution:

* mirror port on your switch which is forwarded to a NIDS
   and search for unauthoried IPs MACs pairs

"Software foo can to everything" solution:

* libvirt know nwfilter
* vdsm has hooks

thus combination of your own nwfilters, custom properties and vdsm

Or raise a RFE so we could assing nwfilters to a VM.

my take is that as long as you use an external ip allocation mechanism (dhcp/static) - its up to you to limit. once engine will do the allocations (IPAM, or L3), then quota's for IP addresses could be relevant.

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