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is the vm preallocated or thin provision disk type?

This VM has 3 disks :
- first disk to host the windows system : Thin provision
- second disk to store some data : Preallocated
- third disk to store some more data : Thin provision

I'm realizing that amongst the 15 VMs, only this one and another one
that is stopped are using preallocated disks.
I'm regularly migrating some VMs (and stopping and starting and playing
with them) with no issue, and they all are using thin provisioned disks!

Could this be a common factor of the problem?

also, can you please attach engine, vdsm, libvirt and the vm's qemu

Relevant logs :


Ok, I'm in the process of collecting the logs and posting them in a
useable manner.

More to come.

Ok, once again, I ran a test and observed the relevant logs.
I tried to isolate the time frames, but it may be long for vdsm.log

Here they are :
* /var/log/libvirt/qemu/serv-chk-adm3.log
* /var/log/libvirtd.log
* /var/log/vdsm/vdsm.log (the BIG one)

What I can add to help you help me, is that :
- I saw that all my VM appear as tainted. I did not know what that meant
(but RTFMed since), and this does not appear to disturb the other VMs
- Many VMs including the problematic one have been imported from
ovirt-v2v with now such issue.
- This particular VM was also imported, but the starting point was a
vmdk or ova single file.
- Two additionnal data disks were added
- As I said, this is the only running VM stored as pre allocated.


One suggestion : I see no obvious errors in the log files. Could this
paused state happen due to a VM's kernel panic?

is this still relevant?
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