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I have an existing gluster cluster, it's in production and fully functional. I'd like to be able to manage it from within Ovirt. Can anyone tell me if I can import this gluster setup as it is? I don't want Ovirt to change anything on those hosts.
Yes, you can, using the Import cluster option when you create a
cluster with gluster services enabled (Do not enable virt services on

This will install vdsm on the hosts, but should not affect the
gluster setup in any other way.

Hello Sahina,

I've added my existing gluster hosts as well as the VM running the ovirt-engine. It installed vdsm on this VM, set up a bridge called ovirtmgmt and rebooted it. Can you assure me this will not happen with the hosts I have in production. For the moment I cut access for ovirt to the gluster hosts.. my heart just froze when I saw that reboot. :)

It is not supposed to reboot if you have created the cluster with 'Enable Gluster service' checked and 'Enable Virt Service' un-checked.

This is true for Ovirt version 3.3. Which version are you using?

I have installed 3.2, and only the "gluster" bit so I did not see any "Enable Virt Service".
Should I upgrade to 3.3?

Yes, since in 3.2 the hosts reboot even for gluster clusters.
You might want to consider waiting till the 3.3 GA build is out.(next week)

Thanks for that, I would have made a big booboo. :-)
We'll test 3.3. once it's out.

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