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> > Hi, it's possible to import a vmware disk into ovirt?
> It depends.
> If you're using an ESX server, then yes, pretty easily with
> virt-v2v.

If you only have the images of the virtual machine but not the ESX server
itself, it is possible use a dirty scenario:

- first convert the virtual machine to a local libvirt / virtmanager based
KVM environment. [1] includes a brief how-to..
- then use virt-v2v to import this new guest to an ovirt import domain.
 The most complete documentation on v2v I could find is here [2]

> If it's just a disk image, that's more difficult.  I think the
> latest virt-v2v can do it.  (Matt?)

It can not AFAIK, but this would be a very welcome addition...



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