Andrew Lau <> kirjoitti 1.12.2013 kello 4.55:

> p.s. can anyone also confirm, does gluster support multi pathing by default? 
> If I'm using this keepalived method, am I bottle necking myself to one host?

If you are using native GlusterFS, either FUSE or libgfapi, then client only 
fetches volume information from server with floating IP. Client connects 
directly to servers defined in volume specification. If you are running Gluster 
daemon on every oVirt node, then you could also use localhost:/glusterVol to 
mount your GlusterFS volume. Of course this is not good way to go if you ever 
plan to add a node without Gluster daemon.

So, the answer is: you are not bottlenecking to one host if you are using 
native GlusterFS. With NFS it's connecting to one host only.


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