I have been running oVirt 3.3.3 with a single node in a NFS type data
center. Now, I would like to set up a second node. Both nodes have
plenty of storage, but they're only connected to each other over 1 Gbit.
I'm running nodes on CentOS 6.5.

What I would like to accomplish is:

* use a Gluster-backed DATA domain on my existing NFS datacenter
* load balancing by even spread of VMs over the two nodes
* leveraging the speed of local storage, so running a VM over NFS to the
other node is undesireable

So I was thinking I want the storage to be replicated, so that I can
take a node down for maintenance without having to migrate all the
storage to another node.

I was thinking: GlusterFS.

But I am confused on how to set it up. I understand I cannot use the
libgfapi native integration due to dependency problems on CentOS. I have
set up a replicated Gluster volume manually.

How can I use my two nodes with this Gluster volume? What are the
necessary steps?

I did try a couple of things; most notably I was able to create a 2nd
data center with POSIX storage, and mount the Gluster volume there, but
that doesn't work for the first node.

Alternatively, it would also be fine to migrate all existing VMs to the
POSIX datacenter and then move the existing node from the old NFS data
center to the new POSIX data center. Is that possible without
exporting/importing all the VMs?

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