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> Subject: Re: [Users] Nodes lose storage at random
> Interestingly enough - same thing happened today, around the same time.
> Logs from this host are attached.
> Around 1:10 AM stuff starts to go wrong again. Same pattern - we reboot the
> node and the node is fine again.

So we made some progress, we know that it is not a problem with old kernel.

In messages we see the same picture:

1. sanlock fail to renew the lease
2. after 80 secodns, kill vdsm
3. sanlock and vdsm cannot access the storage
4. kernel complain about nfs server timeouts
   (explains why sanlock failed to renew the lease)
5. after reboot, nfs is accessible again
6. after few days goto step 1

This looks like kernel nfs issue.

Could be also kvm issue (running bsd on the one of the vm?)

Could be also some incompatibility with the nfs server - maybe you are using
esoteric configuration options?

CCing Ronen, in case this is related to kvm.

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