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> Hello folks,


> I know, this is a topic where you have spend a lots of words, but, after
> installing oVirt 3.3 and 3.4 on CentOS and let goign google search engine to
> become hot, I don´t found any solution for my environment.
> My environment:
> - dedicated server at "server4you.net" with CentOS 6
> - Main IP (public) 82.25.xx.yy
> - Addon IP (public) 62.75.xx.yy
> What I will do:
> - create VMs on a private network 192.x.y.z
> - talk to the internet from the VMs (NAT)
> - reach the VMs from the internet (PAT)
> - reach the VMs via SSH from the host server

oVirt doesn't have built-in support for NAT. What you can do is either:
1) Define PAT on the data center edge router. For accessing VMS from the outside
you can either define port forwarding or DNAT. As for reaching the VMs from your
dedicated server, the easiest approach would be ensuring that the server has
a leg in the private network.

2) You might want to try the oVirt Neutron integration. In Neutron you can
create arbitrary private networks and VMs will get IPs from a DHCP server
created in Neutron. You can then define a 'floating ip', which is a mapping
between the VM's private IP and an allocated public IP on your public network.
Neutron will do the DNAT for you.

The oVirt Neutron integration in the recent 3.4 release [1] greatly improved
the integration and it now includes IP address management, so you'll be
able to do *nearly* everything from the oVirt GUI.

[1] http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.4.0_release_notes

> I found some "workarounds", but no one was easy to implement or the infos was
> not cobering all the aspects.
> I have seen the possibility to use a "hook", but no user guide and step by
> step instruction found.
> Looking forward to get a working solution :-)
> Cheers,
> -Jarno
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