Hey all,

The hosted engine may be installed from pxe, cdrom or disk. The disk format
must be an OVF image, right?

Any suggestions on how to create an ovf image? Poking around, I see mentions 
of tools to convert from ovf, but not to ovf, at least not within the 
KVM/libvirt world.

I know that this format is used within oVirt, but I don't understand how to 
go from the *.ovf file in the export domain + the disk image file or files 
to a single disk image.

Do these have to be zipped together? Is there some utility for that, or 
guidance on how it comes together?

My cdrom and pxe hosted engine installs have been spotty -- some crashes,
some unresponsiveness from pxe and from the cd install -- so I'd like to
know how to take the disk route...

Thanks, Jason
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