On 03/12/2014 10:11 AM, Sven Kieske wrote:

Am 11.03.2014 17:38, schrieb Itamar Heim:

i understood this to "you can't use 4.14 with 3.4.0".

Well I examined BZ 1067096 again, this is what did not work:

Steps to Reproduce:
1.  Run Engine 3.3 Compatibility level 3.2 or 3.3
2.  Add node (vdsm 4.14)

Actual results:
Host is installed with VDSM version (4.14) and cannot join cluster which
is compatible with VDSM versions [4.13, 4.9, 4.11, 4.12, 4.10].

Pay attention to the engine version, it states 3.3. not 3.4.0

So my conclusion is, you can't install vdsm 4.14. when you want
to use engine 3.3.

Am I reading something wrong?

Here's the link again:

this can be fixed via engine config, but is not supposed to be needed, as vdsm is supposed to have vdsm/dsaversion.py.in: 'supportedENGINEs': ['3.0', '3.1', '3.2', '3.3', '3.4'],

danken/eli - thoughts?
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