On 05/14/2014 10:47 AM, Bob Doolittle wrote:
This bit me as well (for Fedora, however).

There are a whole bunch of ovirt-release variants lying around in
various parts of the repository that should be cleaned up as they are
merely "attractive nuisances"

Particularly since the Fedora link (at least) in the Quick Start guide
is invalid, so it tempts people to look around and use what they find
that looks plausible to somebody who doesn't know any better :)

It would be helpful if somebody would:
1. Clean up the hazardous versions of ovirt-release scattered throughout
2. Fix the Quick Start Guide links to point someplace useful for

can you please open a bug with details on each of these for tracking?



On 05/14/2014 10:33 AM, Nicolas Ecarnot wrote:
Le 14/05/2014 15:36, Giorgio Bersano a écrit :
Following the URL above and the BZ opened by the user
(https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1072900), I see this
has been
corrected in 3.4.1. What gives a perfectly connected NFS export
domain, but

sorry for jumping late on an old thread, I'm the one reporting that bug.
I have two things to say:
- taking advantage of a rare opportunity to turn off my production
cluster I put it back in that critical situation and I can confirm
that with oVirt 3.4.1 the problem has been solved.

PS : I see no 3.4.1 update on CentOS repo.

- me too, until I installed ovirt-release34.rpm (see
http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.4.1_release_notes ). All went smooth
after that.

Best Regards,

Thank you Giorgio for taking the time to reply on this.

In the end, I understand I have to upgrade, and I will.

To the whole team :
Looking at the rpm installed on my two oVirt setups, I see that the
installed packages are :

ovirt-release-el6-8-1.noarch (on CentOS 6.4)
ovirt-release-el6-10.0.1-3.noarch (on CentOS 6.5)

The OS are CentOS
A "yum search" is showing me that ovirt-release.noarch is available.
How do these packages differ?
Can I install the ovirt-release.noarch instead of the packages above?
Are they aliases?

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