Hi Saloni,
Welcome to oVirt :)
Several answers to get you started -
First of all, check out the project homepage -


Look at the download page -


For development (including "how to get the code") - look here -


And also subscribe to de...@ovirt.org mailing list

You can also find many useful youtube videos that were created by my 
colleagues, for example this one,
a lecture held by one of the manintainers -


You can also find us on IRC - irc.oftc.net , #ovirt (for example,my nick there 
is yzaslavs) - feel free to drop by and ask questions

I hope all this helps,


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> Sent: Friday, October 3, 2014 6:14:10 PM
> Subject: [ovirt-users] Getting Started with oVirt
> I am an aspirant for OPW and found oVirt interesting. But, I don't
> know much about virtualized networks, storage etc and am just a
> beginner. It would be great if I get guidance about how to start
> understanding about oVirt, what exactly is oVirt. How can I get
> acquainted with oVirt and understand its code, working ( as a mere
> beginner ) so that I can start contributing towards this ?
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