For the live-backup, i think you can make a live snapshot of the vm, and
then clone a new vm from that snapshot, after that you can do export.

2014-11-27 23:12 GMT+08:00 Keppler, Thomas (PEBA) <thomas.kepp...@kit.edu>:

>  Hello,
> now that our oVirt Cluster runs great, I'd like to know if anybody has
> done a backup solution for oVirt before.
> My basic idea goes as follows:
> - Create a JSON file with machine's preferences for later restore, create
> a snapshot, snatch the disk by its disk-id (copy it to the fileserver),
> then deleting the snapshot and be done with it.
> - On restore I'd just create a new VM with the Disks and NICs specified in
> the preferences; then I'd go ahead and and put back the disk... t
> I've played a little bit around with building a JSON file and so far it
> works great; I haven't tried to make a VM with that, though...
> Using the export domain or a simple export command is not what I want
> since you'd have to turn off the machine to do that - AFAIK. Correct me if
> that should not be true.
> Now, before I go into any more hassle, has somebody else of you done a
> live-backup solution for oVirt? Are there any recommendations? Thanks for
> any help provided!
> Best regards
> Thomas Keppler
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