On Wed, 2014-12-03 at 07:44 -0500, Lev Veyde wrote:
> Hi Nicolas,
> If the agent is compiled with py2exe (and as you got .exe files it means it 
> was compiled with py2exe) then the executables are self contained, and you 
> don't need to install Python separately in each VM.
> All you need is to download and install VC runtime, which you can download 
> from here:
> http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5582
> That should resolve the issue.
> BTW, we have oVirt WGT (Windows Guest Tools) RPM, with ISO which contains the 
> installer that will install the oVirt Guest Agent (including VC Runtime), as 
> well as drivers etc. automatically for you.
> Thanks in advance,
> Lev Veyde.
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> Hello,
> I read the following page :
> http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_Guest_Agent_For_Windows
> and applied it on a server, and it ran very well.
> I obtained the two executables, copied them into "program files"
> according to the doc, along with the .ini as stated here :
> https://www.mail-archive.com/users@ovirt.org/msg18561.html
> - the "-install", the start, and the enabling went fine
> - rebooting the server runs OK too, and the agent is seen by oVirt
> What I don't understand is the following sentence of
> https://github.com/oVirt/ovirt-guest-agent/blob/master/ovirt-guest-agent/README-windows.txt
> "Optionally install py2exe if you want to build an executable file which
> doesn't require Python installation for running"
> As I don't know python at all, I thought this was building some sort of
> "self-executable" binary that I could copy-paste into another VM, and do
> the same install/enable/run.
> And WITHOUT installing any Python environnement.
> I'm sorry for such a weak question, but if this is not the case, does
> that mean I have to install a Pyhton env on each of my windows VMs?
> BTW, I tried to copy-paste the programfiles/guestagent... into another
> server, and when running the install, it gives a message
> [in french, :(  ]
> L'application n'a pas pu démarrer car sa configuration côte-à-côte est
> incorrecte.
> That could be translated by :
> The application could not start because its side-by-side (?) config is
> incorrect.
> PS : Time is not anymore at launching windows_vs_linux war, but I just
> installed the guest agent on 17 _linux_ VMs in 3 minutes...

Haven´t tried what Lev said, using the new ISO, but as the person who
wrote the wiki page, yes, you need to install _either_ python or, as Lev
said, the VC runtime for the exe's to work on each guest.

In practice though you create a template with this installed _one_ time,
then spawn the rest of your VM's from that. But e.g. converting lots of
VM's that came from another virtualization platform you´d need the VC
runtime (or python) and exe's installed in each VM for the guest agent
to work.

Do you know there´s a third-party package manager for windows called
"Chocolatey", kind of like yum for Windows? That together with Puppet
(or plain-old SCCM) makes Windows management lots easier.



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