Is there a way to force oVirt to place a host into maintenance mode
automatically when a problem occurs? The problem we have is separate
networks for everything:


2 public nics which are bonded active/backup for internet access

4 bonded gigabit nics for our Gluster network



The ipmi is on a completely different network, not attached to anything else
other than a VPN. 




Our cluster servers shared Gluster & hypervisor on the same hosts, which
works great however, all are 1U servers so we don't have room for another
NIC to dedicate to just an ipmi network connection in addition to the ipmi
card itself. Even if the PSU on a host fails, then the ipmi power management
is useless anyhow and the VM's on that host will not be moved.


I've tested putting a host into maintenance mode with running VM's and it
will auto-migrate the VM's without issue. Is there a way to make oVirt just
force a host into maintenance mode if there's some sort of problem or some
other fencing mechanism that will allow the VM's to be migrated to another



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