I understand ovirt have ovirt engine and ovirt nodes. For ovirt engine, it can 
be hosted on the top of ovirt nodes as one VM.

I am using hosted-engine to try to do this.
When I try to deploy the second ovirt node.
I did
Hosted-engine -deploy

And is asks me when I want to create a VM where you have to install oVirt 
Engine afterwards. I am some confused whether this means another new engine VM 
will be created into the second ovirt nodes?

Also I met a problem for the second ovirt node deployment. In the event, it 
saids "Failed to connect to Host hosted_engine_2 to Storage domain data".
As for I met the same problem for /engine, and I just used nfs4 and it works. 
Is there some way I can redeploy it? Do I need do hosted-engine -destroy-VM?


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