I think the problems for my issue are related with the NFS version.
>From the second, if I change the value of Defaultver  /etc/nfsmount.conf from 
>"Defaultvres=4" to "Defaulvers=3", the mount can not be done. When I changed 
>it back to "Defaultvers=4", it will work.
Also from /proc/mounts, it shows the nfs version is nfs4. But for my first 
host, it is nfs3.

Do somebody have the similar issue about thi?

Thank in advance,

From: Yue, Cong
Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2014 9:52 AM
To: users@ovirt.org
Subject: Can not connect to Storage domain data


I successfully deployed the first ovirt host with hosted-engine -deploy. Engine 
VM works well.
While, when I try to create the second host with the same way as the guide of

I am not using GlusterFS, and just use one external storage(nfs) in my 

The issue I have is in the engine administration menu, it says "can not connect 
to storage domain data"
In the second host, I checked with nfs-check.py for both storage and data 
domain. It shows the status is ok.

During deployment of the second host, how the data domain is trying to be 


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