Is there a way to add "Xeon" or another class of CPU Type to oVirt? We have
some test hosts, which use a combo of the following CPU types:


Xeon L5420

Xeon E5430

Xeon E5420


The only two CPU Types that will work in oVirt are Conroe & Penryn. Inside
of a VM, it reports "Core 2 Duo".


Host reports:

model name      : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5430  @ 2.66GHz



VM reports:

model name      : Intel Core 2 Duo P9xxx (Penryn Class Core 2)





Is there a way to have the VM report the correct CPU? It doesn't appear to
cause any performance or other issues, but seems to be just a display issue.
My concern though, is that we may not be able to add other servers with
different Intels to the same cluster, for example, new hosts with E5-XXXX or
E3-XXXX processors. Can someone confirm this wouldn't be an issue?


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