Thank you so much for suggestion.


Il 15/01/2015 10:15, Genadi Chereshnya ha scritto:
Engine will need only one network card
Hosts will need 3 if you use untagged traffic for your requirements

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I have a question.
I would like to set up a new environment with two nodes.
I would like separate che storage traffic, vm traffic and network
management traffic.
Storage is in a separate subnet.
Also the virtual machine is in a separate subnet, and I would like to
separate the management of the network too.
I think I need to add 3 network adapters on the nodes, one for each purpose.
Now I ask you, does the oVirt engine server (manager) need three
network cards too?
At least you need only the Management Network (ovirtmgmt), you could also 
evaluate the opportunity to use the self hosted engine where oVirt engine runs 
on a VM hosted in HA way by the hosts it is managing [1.

Thank you

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