Do you have any metrics to give an idea of the difference. I am using NFS
right now, and I am migrating to Gluster. I have the gluster system up, and
I see that it seems to provision disks faster than my NFS. I haven't used
any real measurement tools to get actual metrics, this is all perceived. 


Do you have an operational gluster?

Do what are you using right now?


Donny D


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Yue, Cong
Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2015 10:57 AM
Subject: [ovirt-users] Performance issue for GlusterFS as the block storage
for VMs




I have one question about whether GlusterFS is the suitable solution to be
used as the block storage for VMs.

The failure tolerant and scalability is good for GlusterFS, but in my test,
it seems the iops is pretty bad. In some blog, it said, it is even with
worse performance than normal NFS.

Should I use iscsi+drbd for the block storage for VMs.

Can somebody give some advice for this? 





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