Hello Michael,

Am 02.02.2015 um 00:55 schrieb Michael Schefczyk:

- In the web interface of the hosted engine, however (Hosted Engine
Network.pdf, page 3) the required network "ovirtmgmt" is initially
not connected to bond0 (while it is in reality connected, as ifconfig
shows). When dragging ovirtmtgt to the arrow pointing to bond0, it
does not work. The error message is "Bad bond name, it must begin
with the prefix 'bond' followed by a number." This is easy to
understand, as bond0 is a combination of "bond" and the number zero.

"bond0" is the correct one, the error messages refers to your other bond: "bondC" is not a correct name, you should name it "bond1" or "bond2".

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