To all:

If anyone´s interested, I wrote down the process of setting up a Foreman
server from source with FreeBSD as the operating system:

On Fri, 2015-01-30 at 08:25 -0500, Oved Ourfali wrote:
> Not at the moment. Foreman isn't aware that the host is used as a hypervisor 
> in ovirt. Currently foreman allows to create foreman hosts in top of ovirt 
> (you can use compute resources in foreman to do that), and from the ovirt 
> side it allows you to add a new host taken from wither an existing foreman 
> host, or to bare metal provision one. In the future we plan to allow adding 
> vms through ovirt that will also be also added automatically to foreman, 
> which will allow to assign this VM to some host group in foreman, which then 
> will install different packaged, and set up stuff according to the host group 
> definition. 
> Details on the current integration is available at

Thanks for the link!


> Oved
> On Jan 30, 2015 2:32 PM, Karli Sjöberg wrote: > > Hey all! > > One thing I am 
> keen on exploring is the Foreman/oVirt integration. I > have a vision were 
> that could be used to, as a first step, manage the > updating/patching of the 
> Hosts in our datacenter, and if that turns out > successful, remove our 
> current Puppet Dashboard as ENC in our main > Puppet Master and trade it in 
> for The Foreman. > > The flow I imagined was to have Foreman tell oVirt 
> engine to set a Host > in Maintenance, update all packages and reboot it, 
> then when it´s back, > put it back to Active and move on to the next Host. > 
> > Is that something that´s been worked on? > > /K > 
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