here's some more Information on my setup and what I've tried to do about that

Router( --> Switch (VLAN1)-->Ovirt-Host(em2.1)-->VM

When I ping from the Router to the VM I can see the icmp packets, echo any 
reply, with tcpdump on every layer(em2->em2.1->bridge) at the Ovirt-Host but a 
Windows/Linux is giving me Request Times Out. When doing that the other way 
it's the same thing. All other protocol are working fine and I don't know where 
to look at.

Any help would be great.

Thank you,


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Betreff: [ovirt-users] ICMP with VLANS

Hi Everyone,

I'm running a setup with Ovirt 3.5 on a Dell Server with hosted engine. A long 
as I use every NIC on the host with VLANs icmp is working fine. After creating 
these networks with VLAN-Tags to use them all on one card icmp is not working 
anymore. Is there something that I have to do for that to work ?

Thank you,

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