I have two nodes running the hosted engine and gluster setup for replicate
between them. Mounting to localhost seems to be working so far. I have live
migrated the engine, pulled the plug on a running node, and rebooted each
node to ensure it all works properly. I have had few issues with this setup.
I didn't like ctdb because it adds another layer of complexity that is
unnecessary for MY setup.


Node1 gluster drive on sdb 

Node2 gluster drive on sdb


Both replicate and are the same make and model drive. 


ovirt-ha running on both for hosted-engine


This setup is for hosted engine only, my actual storage for VM's and what
not do not run in this fashion. 



Hope This helps


Donny D


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Nope in fact I followed the guide and found CTDB works quite well.  I am
just trying to figure out the benefit because that would be another
component to consider in the architecture.


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On 01/28/2015 08:59 AM, Groten, Ryan wrote:

I was planning on making a Gluster Data domain to test, and found some great
information on this page:

The article the author uses the CTDB service for VIP failover.  Is it
possible/recommended to not do this, and just create a gluster volume on all
the hosts in a cluster, then create the Gluster data domain as

Theoretically, it should work - if you make sure that you have a replica 3
gluster volume spread across 3 nodes, and these 3 nodes are your compute
nodes as well - you should be fine without CTDB setup for failover and
mounting as localhost.

But I've not tried this to recommend it. Maybe if others have tried it, they
can chime in?

Btw, is there any reason you do not want to set up CTDB?





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