I haven't got any trouble with ovirt for a long time
but know I hit some wall:

Situation: local storage DC with a single vm in it.
ovirt-engine version 3.3.3 (yeah I know, old..)

error i get: vm does not boot anymore.

excerpt from engine.log:

2015-02-09 13:25:06,926 ERROR
(ajp-- Operation Failed: [Cannot run VM. There are no
available running Hosts with sufficient memor
y in VM's Cluster ., Cannot run VM. There is no host that satisfies
current scheduling constraints. See bellow for details:, The host
$REDACTED did not satisfy internal filter Memory.]

and before this:

2015-02-09 13:25:06,914 INFO
(ajp-- [41867e4b] Candidate host $REDACTED
(efbc6306-d072-4601-a171-7dd79f169687) was filtered out by VAR

previously this vm could be started, the configuration was not altered.


cluster: memory overcommitment: 200%

host: ovirt reports 32068 MB physical memory

vm was defined with max 32768 MB RAM
and 16384 MB RAM guaranteed

imho I should be able to start this vm.

however it refused to start until
I lowered the max ram to around 28 GB.

I could provide full logs in private, if needed.

I have other vms in other virtual DCs running
fine with half this amount of ram, and more.

the vm got created via REST.

mom seems to work just fine.

any help would be appreciated.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Regards

Sven Kieske

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