Snapshot removal (merge) includes a create volume phase. This volume is 
temporary and gets removed once the snapshot merge is completed. Its size is 
the size of the disk. 
That means that in order to remove the snapshot, the storage domain should have 
available size that is equal to the disk size. 

Elad Ben Aharon 
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Subject: [ovirt-users] Can't remove snapshot due to low disk space on storage 


I'm running the ovirt engine 3.4 series. I've created a snapshot of a VM 
with an OS and data disk before upgrading the machine. 

The upgrade went fine and I now want to remove the snapshot. 
Unfortunately this fails with the error: 

"Cannot remove Snapshot. Low disk space on target Storage Domain 

So I can't free disk space by removing the snapshot because I don't have 
enough space? 

When I look at the VM the disks are shown as preallocated (which is what 
I selected during installation). When I look at the storage tab and list 
the disks in my storage domain, the disks are now shown as thin 
provisioned with the actual size > virtual size. 

How can I remove this snapshot? I don't have enough free disk space in 
my storage domain to duplicate the data disk of my VM. 



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