for the little story, when I began to use ovirt in 2012, a french google search gave me on the first page a full list of "BDSM" result, which relies to Bonding for the B letter, but in reality for masochism :) that was very funny but not very serious :)

Le 13/02/2015 16:49, Francesco Romani a écrit :
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Subject: [ovirt-users] why is it called vdsm?

Why is it called vdsm and not something a little more descriptive and
project-related, like "ovirt-agent"?
Well, we could think of a rename for oVirt 4.0 :)

Not 100% joking: besides being a bit more google-friendlier, that  could solve
the packaging troubles and make old-vdsm and 
trivially parallel installable on a given host.

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