I have a network traffic monitor that is on a physical machine right
now.  It has two network interfaces: one with an IP on a regular switch
port, and one without an IP on a switch port that is the target of a
port mirror/monitor session for the desired VLAN.

I'd like to move this system to an oVirt VM (I'm running 3.5.1).  Is
this the right way to go about it (and still have the VM migratable)?

- I have several hosts with extra network interfaces; pick at least a
  couple, connect them to switch ports that are configured for
  mirror/monitor session.

- In oVirt admin console, choose the Networks tab, click New.  Give the
  network a name (like "monitor"), leave VLAN tagging de-selected and VM
  Network selected.  Under the Cluster section, de-select Required
  (because the mirror won't go to all hosts).  Click OK to create.

- Click on the network, select the vNIC Profiles tab, edit the default
  profile and select Port Mirroring.

- Go to the Hosts tab.  For each host with a port mirror, click on the
  host, then choose the Network Interfaces tab and Setup Host Networks.
  Drag the new network to its attached port, click the pencil, and set
  Boot Protocol to None.

- Go to the Virtual Machines tab.  Click on the VM, choose the Network
  Interfaces tab, and click New.  Choose the monitor network in the

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