I am attempting to update my Puppet module [1] that manages oVirt and have
found my method for executing engine-setup works on a fresh install but
fails if run after install, for example to enable reports.

Normally I run this:

yes 'Yes' | engine-setup

However if I've already installed ovirt-engine and then install the
packages for reports and re-run the above command it gets stuck at this

[ INFO  ] Stage: Setup validation
          During execution engine service will be stopped (OK, Cancel)

Since "Yes" is not a valid response my method does not work.  Is there a
flag I can provide in the answers file that would prevent the above
prompt?  I am semi familiar with using expect but was hoping to avoid using
expect from within a Puppet module.

- Trey

[1]: https://github.com/treydock/puppet-ovirt/tree/1.x
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