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> From: "Uwe Laverenz" <u...@laverenz.de>
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> Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2015 3:41:55 PM
> Subject: [ovirt-users] hosted-engine : how to shutdown hosts?
> Hi,
> just a minor problem I guess: I have a small test environment with 2
> hosts and a hosted engine on a separate NFS3 share, all running CentOS7.
> The VMs are running from an iSCSI storage.
> When I want to shutdown the environment I:
> - shutdown VMs
> - enable global maintenance mode
> - "shutdown -h now" on the hosted engine vm
> - "shutdown -h now" on the hosts
> The problem: instead of shutting down, the hosts perform a reboot after
> a short while.

The hosts? Did you look at their console and see that they actually "reboot
after a short while"? Or perhaps they do not shutdown at all and reboot

> Is this the expected behaviour or a known bug? How can I cleanly
> shutdown my OVirt-environment?

I think that before shutting down a host you should move it to local
maintenance. Not sure, however, how it was started back. Please try and
report back. Thanks!


Do you have fencing enabled?

You wrote '"shutdown -h now" on the hosts'. What happens if you shutdown
just one of them and then wait a bit? Does it get started too?

Are you certain that 'shutdown -h now' worked on these hosts before the
setup - that it's not some kernel/bios/etc issue?

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