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> From: "Carter Kindley" <carter.kind...@deusmachine.com>
> To: users@ovirt.org
> Sent: Tuesday, March 3, 2015 3:06:44 AM
> Subject: [ovirt-users] Ovirt engine-setup fails, "Cannot get JAVA_HOME"
> Hello folks,
> After a long, long time compiling permutations, I went to finish setup of
> ovirt-engine on my Gentoo testbed. Running engine-setup, I receive an error
> after answering all prompts:
> [ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Setup validation': Cannot get JAVA_HOME
> ([u'\x1b[01m\x1b[31;06m!!! ERROR: The vm could not be found\x1b[0m'])
> This machine has icedtea-bin-, and # echo $JAVA_HOME yields
> /etc/java-config-2/current-system-vm which is linked to the icedtea-bin VM
> directory. Any thoughts to get me started?

The jre to use is determined by the script java-home (usually in
/usr/share/ovirt-engine/bin, not sure about gentoo and/or your $PREFIX).
IIRC only openjdk 1.7.0 is supported. If you look at this script, you see
that if you put in its directory a script called java-home.local it will
be called instead, thus letting you override that. Just add there a script
outputting the JAVA_HOME you want and retry.


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