I currently run oVirt 3.5 on CentOS6. It is on a single host with a self-hosted engine. Not an officially supported setup, but it is just a home lab.

When the next release of oVirt comes out (3.6), I am thinking I may want to upgrade to CentOS7 on both host and engine to take advantage of the newer libraries and features of Centos7.

On the host, my storage is GlusterFS and is on the same physical HDD as the OS, but on a different LVM partition.

If I were to do a fresh install on the OS partition, and run through the initial steps to install oVirt and GlusterFS packages, when I get to configuring GlusterFS, will it be able to pick up my existing bricks and thus allow me to import that existing storage into oVirt?

Alternatively, is there a way to export my VMs to an external HDD, do a completely fresh install, then import them VMs back in? I suspect I would probably need to resort to a cloning tool like "CloneZilla"?

Downtime of the VMs is not an issue, since this is just a lab and there is nothing production-wise running on it.

Thanks for your advise!


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