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> Hi
> First of all I think cloud-init is optional so user can select if use it or 
> not.
> So if somebody wants to deploy hosted engine the hard way by installing it on 
> OS , its his choice allowed too.

in this case you can require the user to pre-install the cloud-init rpm or use 
a cloud-ready images
we use this approach for neutron appliance, though, to be fair…last time I 
tried it on the latest image cloud-init just doesn't work:) it's not really a 
rock-solid thingie…but in normal conditions it seems to work, more or less.

virt-sysprep is another way, not requiring and guest-side cooperation


> For our appliance I dont think we need anything except for root password.
> Last option is in case somebody have some complicated net config he needs to 
> implement in the engine VM on the first run 
> we should allow him the option to provide the cloud-init iso by himself and 
> he can define all he wants there.
> Tolik.
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>> Hi all,
>> cloud-init is a powerful tool to configure from outside a cloud
>> instance or an appliance as in our scenario.
>> Deploying the engine as an appliance is indeed a good way to speed up
>> and make easier the hosted-engine deployment: you don't need to
>> install an OS on the engine virtual machine and than install the
>> engine and so on but you could simply run a ready to use oVirt
>> engine appliance. But you still need to configure it and so
>> cloud-init support within hosted-engine is a reasonable way to
>> complement it.
>> Then we could also integrate it with oVirt node to let the user input
>> the required info from node TUI in order to have an almost
>> unattended hosted-engine setup on oVirt node using an engine
>> appliance with cloud-init.
>> The idea is to collect the required information interactively from
>> hosted-engine setup or from node TUI (passing them to hosted-engine
>> setup via an answer file) and pass them to the appliance via
>> cloud-init using a no-cloud datasource.
>> So now the question is what do you really want to configure via
>> cloud-init?
>> It's just to define what we want in order to be more focused on user
>> needs:
>> for instance we could configure engine VM instance hostname, we could
>> set the root password, we could create other users, we could upload
>> ssh private keys, we could run a command on the first boot and so
>> on.
>> So, if you have any ideas or requirement about that it's the right
>> time for it.
>> thanks,
>> Simone
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