Hello, I am having a strange issue in creating ovirtmgmt bridge over
vlan interface.

I have set-up a bond from physical interfaces. On top of a bond there
are three VLANs one of which is in ovirtmgmt bridge. I have set it up
manually according to http://www.ovirt.org/Bonding_VLAN_Bridge

Somehow the bond itself is also added to bridge in oVirt web interface,
after reboot there also were two added lines to configuration of that bond:
# Generated by VDSM version 4.16.10-8.gitc937927.el7

No matter how I try to remove the bond from the bridge it doesn't
succeed. If I edit the config files manually it isn't replicated to web
interface. If I try to detach it from web interface, I can only attach
bridge back to the bond interface. Of course configuration cannot be
saved until the bridge is attached to an interface.

I have tried putting the host in maintenance mode, shutting down the
hosted engine and doing all the changes live.

Anyone has a suggestion how to resolve this?



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