On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 12:15:09PM +0200, Bojan Popovic wrote:
> Hello, I am having a strange issue in creating ovirtmgmt bridge over
> vlan interface.
> I have set-up a bond from physical interfaces. On top of a bond there
> are three VLANs one of which is in ovirtmgmt bridge. I have set it up
> manually according to http://www.ovirt.org/Bonding_VLAN_Bridge
> Somehow the bond itself is also added to bridge in oVirt web interface,
> after reboot there also were two added lines to configuration of that bond:
> # Generated by VDSM version 4.16.10-8.gitc937927.el7
> BRIDGE=ovirtmgmt
> No matter how I try to remove the bond from the bridge it doesn't
> succeed. If I edit the config files manually it isn't replicated to web
> interface. If I try to detach it from web interface, I can only attach
> bridge back to the bond interface. Of course configuration cannot be
> saved until the bridge is attached to an interface.
> I have tried putting the host in maintenance mode, shutting down the
> hosted engine and doing all the changes live.
> Anyone has a suggestion how to resolve this?

I'd first like to understand how you intend for management traffic to
travel from your Engine to the host. Do you have a vlan connection
between the two? What is the host's IP address on that vlan?

Since you have connectivity to the host, we can tell that you have
un-tagged traffic to the host. In most (sane) cases, the IP address on
the untagged network is different from the vlan'ed one. To use the
latter, you'd need to remove the host from the cluster, and add it back
with its second address.

Did you define ovirtmgmt as a vlan-tagged network? Or do you intend to
have a special hack for this host?

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