Thank you Didi,
An a newbie I was hoping for a simpler way to fix it :)
Do I need to shut down VMs for an upgrade?
I unfortunately have only these two servers so I have nowhere to move the VMs 
and no maintenance windows anywhere in sight.
Any chance for a fix without shutting down the VMs?

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> Hi all,
> I am have inherited an Ovrit Engine Version: 
> 3.1.0-3.26.3.el6.centos.alt installation with two standalone servers.

This is a very old, unsupported version.

Current version is 3.5.1, and 3.5.2 should be out in a few days.

If at all possible, you should upgrade, or perhaps reinstall, by exporting your 
VMs to an export domain and importing it to a new 3.5.1 (or 3.5.2) engine.

> Where unfortunately I am a newbie J

Welcome and good luck!

> VM's are up and running but trying to activate master storage domains fails.
> Is this the right place to try and get help?


Please check/post relevant logs.

engine (from engine machine):

vdsm (from hosts):

Thanks and best regards,
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